The taxonomic relationships among , and species, , and were investigated by performing DNA-rRNA hybridization experiments, by determining DNA base compositions, and by performing protein gel electrophoresis experiments. These taxa have relatively high guanine-plus-cytosine contents (67.8 to 72.5 mol%) and form a separate group within rRNA superfamily III. and ” form two separate rRNA branches, which are linked at a level of 74.8 ± 0.7°C [, temperature at which 50% of an DNA-rRNA hybrid is denatured]. Also situated at this level and therefore equidistantly related to and ” are , and is located on the rRNA branch but produces a protein pattern which is different from that of All of the other taxa which we investigated also have unique protein patterns. Since is only very distantly related to the type species of the genus ) and to and because it is clearly different from its nearest phylogenetic neighbors, we propose to rename this species as gen. nov., comb. nov. The type strain remains strain NCIB 8290 (= LMG 4311).


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