Two strains of , strains MS2 (T = type strain) and LX1, were characterized, and, based in part on previously published DNA hybridization data, this species was transferred to a new genus, , as comb. nov. JR1 and a new strain of , strain AN8, were also characterized. This species was also transferred to the genus as comb. nov. et emend., and its description was emended to indicate that the species has a temperature optimum near 40°C, is halotolerant, and is slightly alkaliphilic; in contrast, the previous description of this organism indicates that it has a temperature optimum of 20 to 25°C, is halophilic, and is slightly acidophilic. We also propose the transfer of two other phylogenetically related species, and , to the genus as and , respectively. JR1 was also further characterized, and its description is emended.


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