Revival of the name is proposed for the predominant species causing common scab of potato. Common scab strains from the northeastern United States, Atlantic Canada, and Hungary were differentiated by a phenotypic analysis of 42 criteria from six atypical pathogen strains, three saprophytic streptomycetes isolated from scab lesions, and reference strains of and . The 12 strains formed a homogeneous group characterized by smooth grey spores borne in spiral chains, melanin production, and usage of all International Streptomyces Project sugars. Most isolates did not degrade xanthine and were susceptible to 25 μg of oleandomycin per ml, 10 IU of penicillin G per ml, 20 μg of streptomycin per ml, 10 μg of thallous acetate per ml, and 0.5 μg of crystal violet per ml. The type strain of is strain RL-34 (= ATCC 49173).


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