The description of the genus is amended after chemotaxonomic and morphological studies of the type strain of the type species, JCM 3230. This organism yielded both - and -diaminopimelic acids, which suggested that the former is present in the mycelium and the latter is present in the spores. There was no characteristic sugar pattern. A diagnostic phospholipid was phosphatidylcholine, and a major menaquinone component was MK-9(H). No iso/anteiso branched fatty acids and no mycolic acids were observed. Colonies on agar lacked aerial mycelia, formed central projections including spores, and were occasionally accompanied by bunches of spore clusters in the agar. Spores were catenated or were located singly or aggregately at the tips of the vegetative hyphae. Our data indicate that the strain representative of the genus shows some similarity to the spore dome actinomycetes described by Willoughby and by Makkar and Cross.


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