A comparison of 16S ribosomal ribonucleic acid sequences showed that strains classified as are not closely related to other species of , including the type species, , for example, is more closely related to than is. Therefore, we propose that strains be renamed as members of a new genus, . An analysis of 16S ribosomal ribonucleic acid sequence data revealed that there are two species within this new genus. Isolates from rumina are placed in ; the type strain is strain S85 (= ATCC 19169). Isolates from ceca of nonruminant animals are placed in ; the type strain is strain NR9 (= ATCC 43854). Members of can be differentiated from by their requirement for biotin; the site of isolation may not be diagnostic. consists of two subspecies; the cells of subsp. strains are broad rods that are often pleomorphic and coccoid (type strain, S85), whereas cells of subsp. are slender rods (type strain, HM2 [= ATCC 43856]).


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