The fatty acid compositions and multiple antibiotic resistance patterns of 32 strains of correlated with two major deoxyribonucleic acid homology groups. In group I, the fatty acid composition was 1.3% 16:1 cis9 acid, 3.6% 16:1C acid, 8.8% 16:0 acid, 1.2% 19:0 cyclopropane acid, and 81.2% 18:1 acid. Group II contained 0.5% 16:1C acid, 11.1% 16:0 acid, 0.8% 17:0 cyclopropane acid, 24.7% 19:0 cyclopropane acid, and 62.3% 18:1 acid. Group I strains were susceptible to rifampin (500 μg/ml), tetracycline (100 μg/ml), streptomycin (100 μ/ml), chloramphenicol (500 μg/ml), erythromycin (250 μg/ml), carbenicillin (500 μg/ml), and nalidixic acid (50 μg/ml), whereas group II strains were resistant to these antibiotics. Both groups were resistant to trimethoprim (50 μg/ml) and vancomycin (100 μg/ml).


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