sp. strain TWAR is an important cause of acute respiratory disease in humans. To determine the genetic relatedness of the TWAR organism to and , solution hybridization followed by SI nuclease assays were performed, and guanine-plus-cytosine (G+C) contents were determined. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) preparations from three TWAR isolates were radioactively labeled and hybridized against DNAs from three serovars of and five strains of Reciprocal experiments were also done by using radioactively labeled and DNAs against TWAR DNA. In all cases, the degree of DNA relatedness between TWAR and the two species was 10% or less. Within the group of TWAR isolates, there was 94% or greater sequence similarity. The G+C values for TWAR were intermediate between the G+C values for and C. psittaci. The degrees of DNA relatedness among the strains within the species ranged from 20 to 100%.


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