Partial 16S ribosomal ribonucleic acid sequences were determined for subsp. subsp. , and . These sequences were compared with previously published sequences of sp., , and , and percentages of homology were calculated. With the exception of , all of the campylobacters formed a tight phylogenetic cluster. Within this cluster were the following organisms that have been classified as species of and , and The average level of interspecies homology within this group was 94.4%. and formed a second cluster with a level of interspecies homology of 90.4%. The average level of homology of the cluster with species of the campylobacter cluster was 85.1%. sp. was only 83% homologous with either of the two clusters. Based upon the sequence data, we suggest that all members of the campylobacter cluster should be placed in the genus However, formal resolution of the taxonomic status of the campylobacter cluster may require additional information provided by other experimental methods.


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