Fourteen strains of indole-positive bacteroides (eight from cats and six from humans), phenotypically similar to , previously were shown to have only 45 to 49% deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) homology with the type strain of , ATCC 33285, which is indole negative. These 14 strains and 7 strains isolated from horses have an average of 71% DNA homology with ATCC 35895, which also is indole positive. The seven strains from horses have an average of 71% DNA homology with the indole-positive strains from humans, an average of 86% DNA homology with the strains from cats, and an average of 42% DNA homology with ATCC 33285. These indole-positive strains from humans, cats, and horses were identified as and could be distinguished from by their production of indole.


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