API 20E and API 50CHE systems (72 phenotypic tests) were applied to a total of 529 strains, including 421 strains belonging to 21 different species, 66 strains, 18 strains, and 24 strains of 16 other enterobacteria. The results were analyzed numerically by using the Gower similarity coefficient and the unweighted average linkage method. The named strains were distributed over 27 phena, some of which also contained strains received as Strains of , and constitute separate phena. , and are heterogeneous, but distinct from each other and from the other phena. The type strains of , and fall into one phenon, and strains of and are in a single phenon. Obviously misnamed and strains can be assigned to other species, such as , and or to as-yet-unnamed phena. Three strains, but not the type strain, form one phenon. and should be allocated to Our results confirm the heterogeneous taxonomic structure of the genus


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