H-labeled rRNA was prepared from ATCC 23055and hybridized with filter-fixed DNA from carefully selected strains, reference strains of taxonomically well-located genera, or some selected misnamed strains. The hybridization parameters, the temperature at which 50% of the hybrid was denatured (T) and percent rRNA binding, were determined. The following conclusions can be drawn from the DNA:rRNA hybridization results, the rRNA similarity map, and a T dendrogram. (i) The genus is rather heterogeneous. It covers a 5°C T range. (ii) A combination of our hybridization data and data from the literature indicates that several additional strains belong in the genus (iii) ATCC 17960 is certainly not a member of the genus (iv) The genus is not related to one of the well-established genera or families, nor is it a true member of one of the previously described rRNA superfamilies. The genus forms a new and separate rRNA branch which is taxonomically slightly more close to rRNA superfamily II ( complex, , etc.) than to rRNA superfamily I (, etc.) and the genus (v) The misnamed species “” and “” belong to the rRNA branch, although they differ from the genus Acinetobacter in several important phenotypic features.


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