A total of 90 aerotolerant strains, which were isolated mainly from animal abortions, were examined by using a wide range of biochemical and physiological tests. The resulting data, together with data for reference strains that were similarly examined, were compared by using several numerical taxonomic analysis methods. Our analyses demonstrated that there is a strong similarity between the aerotolerant strains and strains of , and . For practical purposes this study revealed four possible taxa; one taxon consisted of strains, one taxon consisted of the strains, and a third taxon consisted of the thermophilic strains, having and strains as separate entities. The fourth group consisted of all of the aerotolerant strains and was considered a new species of . All of the aerotolerant strains exhibited a tolerance to lower temperatures and higher oxygen concentrations than previously observed with strains of ; the name sp. nov. is suggested for these strains. In this paper we present identification characteristics of strains and a description of the new species.


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