Asaccharolytic, anaerobic vibrios which require formate and fumarate for growth in broth culture have been isolated from humans. Some of these strains resemble phenotypically, but show no deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)-DNA homology with either or . In this investigation, six unidentified strains were compared with reference and type strains of and by using cluster analysis of phenotypic characteristics, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, and cell wall ultrastructure. One unidentified strain, a sewage isolate, was . The remaining unidentified strains showed no DNA-DNA homology with either or sp. nov. is proposed for four isolates which were distinct, as determined by serological and DNA-DNA homology experiments, from the previously described species. strains could also be differentiated from by morphology and by the growth of in the presence of Janus green (0.1 g/liter), basic fuchsin (0.032 g/liter), sodium deoxycholate (1.0 g/liter), indulin scarlet (0.5 g/liter), oxgall (10 g/liter), safranine (0.5 g/liter), azure II (0.025 g/liter), penicillin (16 μg/ml), and polymixin B (4 (μg/ml). and are similar in cell ultrastructure and in other phenotypic features.


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