In crossed immunoelectrophoresis with the corresponding pooled rabbit antisera, and antigen preparations produced 65 and 63 immunoprecipitates, respectively. The cross-reactions between these antigens and antigens from 15 other yeast strains representing nine species were studied by crossed-line immunoelectrophoresis, using and antigen-antibody systems as references. We found no qualitative differences between strains of the same species or among the strains of , and . In both the and reference systems the degrees of cross-reaction between or and the nine other species revealed the following three groups: , and , which shared 85 to 100% of their antigens with and , and , which shared 50 to 70% of their antigens with and ; and , and , which shared about 30% of their antigens with and . Some antigens seemed to be species specific, whereas others seemed to be specific for a group of species within the genus and should be useful for rapid identification of medically important yeasts.


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