The guanine-plus-cytosine (G+C) contents of the deoxyribonucleic acids (DNAs) of ATCC 14963 (T = type strain), ATCC 29427, ATCC 9321, and ATCC 15794 ranged from 29 to 34 mol%, whereas the G+C content of the DNA of ATCC 27731, the type species of the genus , is 51 mol%. The G+C content of the DNA of ATCC 27337, the type species of the genus , was 33 mol%. Thus, the DNA base compositions of , and resemble the DNA base composition of the type species of the genus rather than the DNA base composition of the type species of the genus . It is not desirable for the genus to include any species whose G+C content is far from the G+C content of the type species of the genus. The levels of DNA-DNA homology between ATCC 27337 and the four species of with low G+C DNA contents ranged from 23 to 36%. The cellular fatty acid profiles of , and also resembled the cellular fatty acid profile of the type species of . Other biochemical characteristics of these species revealed their close resemblance to . For these reasons we propose transfer of the four species that have low G+C contents to the genus as (Distaso 1912) comb. nov., (Christiansen 1934) comb. nov., (Foubert and Douglas 1948) comb. nov., and (Prévot 1933) Smith 1957 comb. rev. A group of organisms previously referred to as “” (Choukévitch) Prévot is an identifiable species based on phenotypic and genotypic characteristics. The name of sp. nov. is proposed for this group of organisms. Strain GIFU 7672 (= ATCC 35098) is designated the type strain. Clinical strains of that were identified by conventional methods were divided into two homology groups and one unclassified group (A-1). DNA-DNA homology between the type strain of and clinical strains which had been received as ranged from O to 73%.


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