The name Tanii, Miyajima and Akita 1976 was omitted from the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names. Therefore, this name is here revived for the organism to which it originally referred. The cells of strains of this species are aerobic, gram negative, and rod shaped with polar flagella. They oxidize glucose in oxidation-fermentation medium, and they produce a green fluorescent pigment, oxidase, and arginine dihydrolase. Denitrification, β-glucosi-dase, pit formation on polypectate gel and growth at 37°C are negative. Characteristics that distinguish this species from other fluorescent pseudomonads which are positive for arginine dihydrolase and oxidase are its ability to produce a hypersensitivity reaction in tobacco plants and its inability to utilize 2-ketogluconate or inositol. These bacteria were pathogenic to and eight other species of the Gramineae. The type strain is NCPPB 3085 (= PDDCC 5940).


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