The characteristics of a cladoceran parasite and a nematode parasite were compared with the characteristics given in descriptions of Metchnikoff 1888 and with the characteristics of strain ATCC 27377, the type strain of designated by Staley (Can. J. Microbiol. :609-614, 1973). The cladoceran and nematode parasites formed endospores and exhibited most of the morphological phases described by Metchnikoff. Strain ATCC 27377 of Staley did not form spores or exhibit the morphological stages described for Our findings indicate that strain ATCC 27377 is not a member of Metchnikoff 1888 and should not be considered the type strain for the genus and species. Because the cladoceran and nematode parasites do conform to the description of of Metchnikoff, they appear to be members of the genus


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