None of three culture collection strains (NCIB 4112, ATCC 23767, and CIP 57.14) presumed to be Bertrand's sorbose bacterium (type strain of subsp. ) was found to be a member of the genus . These three strains were identical, displayed considerable phenotypic differences compared with descriptions of the original sorbose bacterium published before 1959, and belonged to . However, a 1949 Sordelli-dried culture of strain NCIB 4112 was revived at the National Collection of Industrial Bacteria and was found to belong to the genus . This culture showed similarities to other subsp. strains and therefore is most similar to the culture originally deposited in 1933 by Bertrand in the National Collection of Type Cultures. The new accession number of the revived sorbose bacterium is NCIB 11664, and we request an opinion to designate this strain as the type strain of subsp. in place of strain NCIB 4112.


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