Identical electrophoretic patterns of cellular proteins were detected with ATCC 27638, ATCC 25782, and ATCC 27639, the type strains of (Prévot 1938) Holdeman and Moore 1970, (Prévot 1940) McClung and McCoy 1957, and Nakamura et al. 1970, respectively, all of which are cited in the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names. The morphological and biochemical reactions of these strains and of other reference strains of these species were also similar. On these bases, it is herein proposed that these three names are synonyms. According to the rules of the Bacteriological Code, in those cases in which names on the Approved Lists compete for priority, the priority is determined by the date of the original publication of the name before 1 January 1980. According to our interpretation of this rule, the specific epithet “” has priority. The correct name of this organism, then, is , and and are later subjective synonyms.


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