The proposal by Henriksen and Bøvre in 1968 to transfer , and to the genus has been supported by recent genetic and chemotaxonomic studies. The proposal by B. W. Catlin (Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. :155-159) in 1970 to transfer to a new genus, , has not been followed by similar proposals for the other two coccal species, although occasionally they have been referred to informally as members of As a compromise so as to facilitate communication between adherents to these different taxonomies, it is presently proposed to divide the genus Lwoff 1939 emend. Henriksen and Bøvre 1968 into two subgenera---subgenus (Lwoff 1939) Bøvre 1979 for the six rod-shaped species (, and ) and subgenus for the three coccal species. Strain 199/55 (= ATCC 33078 = NCTC 11227) is here proposed as the neotype strain of (Lindqvist 1960) Henriksen and Bøvre 1968, Bøvre 1979.


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