strain 301 (= Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen 338), a hydrogen-utilizing bacterium, is capable of fixing molecular nitrogen and resembles other nitrogen-fixing hydrogen bacteria. However, it is clearly different in many characters from other strains of (Orla-Jensen) Jensen (syn.: Orla-Jensen). It does resemble strains of Wiegel et al. with respect to cell wall composition, production of carotenoid pigments, carbon source utilization pattern, and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) base composition (69 mol% guanine + cytosine). Strain 301 is here regarded as belonging to a new and distinct species, for which the name is proposed. Strain 301 is the type strain of this species. differs from , the only other species in this genus to date, in several respects, and the DNA-DNA hybridization between and is only 25%.


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