sp. nov., isolated from subcutaneous abscesses of cats, is an obligately anaerobic, rod-shaped, sporeforming, monmotile organism which is gram positive in its early stages of growth and gram negative after 18 to 24 h. All strains of this species produce acetic, isobutyric, butyric, isovaleric, lactic, methylmalonic, and succinic acids from cooked meat-carbohydrate and peptone-yeast extract cultures supplemented with 5% horse serum. All of the strains produce ammonia and liquefy gelatin weakly but do not ferment acids or react in any other biochemical tests performed. The pattern of volatile acids produced, the lack of biochemical activity, the colonial morphology, and the late spore production distinguish from other species so far described. The type strain of is VSB 3349; a culture of this strain has been deposited in the National Collection of Type Cultures under the number 11220.


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