The abilities of various strains to grow on starch or pullulan and the occurrence of pullulanase in these strains were studied. Only the strains grew well on amylopectin and pullulan and produced pullulanase. None of the strains produced pullulanase. The pullulanase produced by various strains of was examined by the immunodiffusion method. Culture filtrates and cell extracts of all of the strains tested formed a precipitin line against antiserum prepared with crystalline pullulanase from IFO 3321. Except for IFO 3317 and ATCC 21073, these lines fused completely with the homologous line. No materials which crossreacted with the antiserum were produced by the other strains studied. The production of the enzyme is discussed as a character of potential use in the classification and identification of strains of .


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