An examination of all known strains labeled Allen and Riker 1932 and of the herein-designated type strain of Cole 1959 (strain PDDCC 3878 [= NCPPB 463]) showed that they were similar to one another but atypical of members of the genus Migula 1894. Because these organisms were found to be either motile (peritrichous cells) or nonmotile, able to grow at low pH values, and to oxidize ethanol and lactate to carbonate, it is suggested that they belong to Biejerinck 1898. is regarded here as being a subjective junior synonym of (Hansen 1897) Beijerinck 1898, and is regarded here as being a nomen dubium. Isolates of and similar organisms capable of inducing necrosis in apple fruit should be classified in until the relationships of pathogenic strains within the species are better understood.


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