Studies on 15 dextrin-fermenting, L-(+)-lactic acid-producing pediococci, including two strains originally described in 1964 by Coster and White under the name var. (= subsp.) , and 13 new isolates from beer, beer bottles, silage, and spent grains showed that these strains represent a distinct, well defined species. This species can be distinguished from all other pediococci by the following: Its carbohydrate fermentation, especially starch hydrolysis; the electrophoretic mobility of its lactate dehydrogenase; and the production of a fructose-1,6-diphosphate-activated L-lactate dehydrogenase. In this paper, subsp. is elevated to the rank of species. The name of this species is (Coster and White) comb. nov. strain DSM 20335 is designated as the type strain of A culture of this strain has been deposited in the Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen, Germany.


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