A strain, AUW-83, isolated as a contaminant in a marine fungal culture and previously reported to produce the chromomycin antibiotics, was taxonomically evaluated by direct comparison with strains selected from those species which were previously studied and reported by collaborators of the International Project and with additional strains. Strain AUW-83 was found to resemble strain 829 of the flavensomycin-producing species, Giolitti 1958 (which name was not effectively published, according to Rule 25b of the , 1976 revision), more closely than strain 689 of the xanthicin-producing species, (sic) Arishima, Sakamoto, and Sato 1956. Two additional strains of the “” series—Illinois 205-2 and Illinois 205-2M—reputed to produce flavensomycin were observed to be phenotypically very similar both to strain 829 and to strain AUW-83. These four strains appear to belong to one and the same species, for which we propose the name Because the name was not effectively published by Giolitti, it is available for use (as a revived name [nom. rev.]) for the same or for a different species. To avoid confusion and chaos, we have elected to use the name for the same organism to which Giolitti originally applied the name. However, under the circumstances, the name is to be attributed to the present authors, namely Skarbek and Brady, not to Giolitti. The production of structurally unrelated antibiotics is regarded by us as a major indication for subspecific differentiation of strain AUW-83 from the flavensomycin-producing strains of , and so we place strain AUW-83 in a separate subspecies, for which we propose the name subsp. subsp. nov. Strain 829 of Giolitti (= ATCC 14889 = CBS 669.69 = NRRL 2740) is designated the type strain of , and strain AUW-83 (= ATCC 27732 = NRRL B-8030) is designated the type strain of subsp. The valid publication of this subspecies name automatically creates the publication of the name of the type subspecies— subsp. Skarbek and Brady—the nomenclatural type of which is strain 829.


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