Two gram-negative, gas-vacuolated, aerotolerant, heterotrophic bacteria were isolated from the anaerobic digester of the Göttingen Waste Treatment Plant, Göttingen, Federal Republic of Germany. Pure white colonies of these organisms were picked from pour plates of basal growth medium containing 1.2% agar. The plates had been inoculated with digester sludge and incubated in a nitrogen-carbon dioxide atmosphere using the agar itself as the main carbon and energy source. One organism was rod shaped, and the other was vibrioid; both were encapsulated and nonmotile. The two organisms have identical deoxyribonucleic acid base compositions and identical nutritional requirements and fermentation characteristics. It is proposed that these organisms are stable morphovaric forms of a single species belonging to a new genus, for which the name is proposed. The name proposed for the species (the type species) is sp. nov., of which the type strain is strain V (= ATCC 29398). The genus does not appear to belong to any of the currently recognized families of bacteria.


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