In 1900, Tissier described a new bacterium, , that he isolated from an infant with diarrhea and, in 1905, from nursing infants. This organism was placed by Hauduroy et al. (1937) in the genus , by Sebald (1962) in , and then by Moore and Holdeman (1973) in the genus CC1, isolated in 1947 by Prévot from the cecum of a horse and studied by Sébald in 1962, has been lost. Since then, no strains conforming to the description of Tissier's organism have been known to be extant. However, recently we obtained from a normal piglet six isolates that conform to the original and subsequent descriptions of this organism. One of these isolates, PVA B/63, is designated as the neotype strain of and is available from the American Type Culture Collection as ATCC 29250.


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