A total of 138 strains of slowly growing mycobacteria, which were received as members of 18 named species, were classified by scoring matching coefficients. Eighty-eight characters were tested for each strain; of these, 48 were useful for differentiating between strains. and were clearly separated from the other species. , and were regarded as species clearly distinct from each other and from other species in the genus. The other species studied formed a large cluster within which and were distinct. The remaining species could be divided into two large subclusters, one consisting of , and , and the other consisting of , and Within the former cluster, was regarded as a distinct species, and and as fairly distinct species. In contrast to these, , and were not clearly differentiated from each other and appeared to belong to a single species, for which the name has priority. Within the latter cluster, appeared to be fairly distinct from the others. , and could not be differentiated from each other, and they appear to belong to a single species, for which the name has priority.


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