The deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA) of ATCC 10953 and ATCC 23726 were submitted to DNA-DNA hybridization procedures. A polynucleotide homology of 78% was demonstrated, indicating that the recent grouping of all oral strains into one species, , should be reevaluated. The polynucleotide homology between ATCC 19616 and the two strains of tested was less than 30%. The guanine plus cytosine (G+C) values of the DNA of and strains tested were similar and unusually low (24.5 to 25.6 mol%). Since bacteria of the family reportedly have G+C values of 41 to 42 mol%, the placing of the genera and into this family is questionable. The similar unusually low G+C values of the DNA of and may indicate a close phylogenetic relationship for these genera.


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