The deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) relationship among species of the subgenus Orla-Jensen was assessed by means of DNA/DNA hybridization experiments. High genetic homologies were found among subsp. subsp. subsp. , and subsp. ; however, there was only a low level of homology between the DNA of subsp. and the DNA of other subspecies of The DNAs of ATCC 15820 and subsp. ATCC 393 were nearly completely homologous. Although the latter strain has been proposed as the neotype for , it is not related to any of the other strains within the subspecies of and strains identified as belonging to subsp. and subsp. formed a fairly homogeneous and easily recognized group. The DNA of was unrelated to that of any known streptobacteria, and we therefore advocate the recognition of this organism as an independent species. There is a high degree of homology between and ; the name has priority, and is very probably a synonym; for the same reason, has priority over its later subjective synonym, The general DNA/DNA homology relationships among , and justify their status as separate species.


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