has been used as the scientific name for two different bacteria, the one causing bovine tuberculosis, the other occurring in freshly drawn cow's milk. In the past the former bacterium was regarded as a subspecies (variety) of ( subsp. ), and in recent years it has been recognized as a distinct, species, ; whether as a subspecies or a species, the name of this organism is commonly attributed to “Bergey . 1934.” For the name of the latter bacterium, “(Bergey . 1923) Krasil'nikov 1949” is the author citation ordinarily given. However, from a careful analysis of the facts, it is evident that none of the specific or subspecific names in the genus involving the epithet “” has been validly published. Because the epithet “” has been used the world over for many years in the scientific name of the organism responsible for bovine tuberculosis, the Judicial Commission of the International Committee on Nomenclature of Bacteria is requested to issue an Opinion conserving the name (Bergey . 1934) Reed 1957 (Basionym: subsp. Bergey . 1934).


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