The biosynthesis of inositol requires only two enzymes, inositol-1-phosphate synthase (encoded by ) and an inositol monophosphatase, but the regulation of inositol biosynthesis is under multiple controls and is exquisitely regulated. In the budding yeast , mutations in any of 26 different genes lead to inositol auxotrophy. The fission yeast , however, is a natural inositol auxotroph. An investigation has been initiated to examine the possible reasons that might have led to inositol auxotrophy in Complementation with a genomic library of an inositol prototrophic yeast indicated that a gene alone could confer inositol prototrophy to and that the gene was absent in To investigate possible reasons for the loss of gene in , an attempt was made to disrupt inositol homeostasis in by overproduction of intracellular inositol, but this did not lead to any discernible adverse effects. The sources of inositol in the natural environment of were also examined. As the natural environment of contains significant amounts of phytic acid (inositol hexaphosphate), an investigation was carried out and it was discovered that can utilize phytic acid as a source of inositol under very specific conditions.


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