Summary: The streptococcal plasmid pMV158 replicates by a rolling circle mechanism, which involves the generation of single-stranded plasmid DNA intermediates. This plasmid has the unique feature of having two lagging-strand origins of replication. One of these origins, termed , is functional in and in in an orientation-dependent manner. The other origin, is only functional in the former host. RNA polymerase seems to be involved in the initiation of the conversion of single- to double-stranded plasmid DNA from both and . Mutational and deletion analyses have allowed us to define as being within a highly structured, non-coding 199 bp region. Within this region, two elements which are conserved in several rolling-circle replicating plasmids are located, the recombination site RS and a 6 base consensus sequence. Both elements may play a role in the conversion of single- to double-stranded plasmid DNA.


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