Summary: Nucleotide sequence analysis of the and loci, required for the synthesis of methanol dehydrogenase in XX, has revealed two open reading frames that show significant similarity to sequences of prokaryotic two-component systems, especially MxaY and MxaX proteins of another methylotrophic bacterium, Cell-free extracts and DNA-column-fractionated proteins from wild-type XX cells grown on methanol or succinate contained protein(s) that were able to bind specifically to the upstream region of methanol dehydrogenase large subunit gene (). In contrast, cell-free extracts from and mutant strains of XX had zero or reduced binding activity towards the promoter fragments of the gene. This is consistent with the involvement of the and genes in transcriptional regulation of methanol dehydrogenase synthesis. Analyses of sequential deletions of the upstream region have defined the functional boundary of the promoter/operator region of this gene and identified one nucleotide segment as essential to the activation of .


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