SUMMARY: Representative strains of the genus , when grown on iron-deficient media, produce intracellular lipid-soluble, iron-binding compounds known as nocobactins. However, strains representing the ‘rhodochrous’ taxon fail to form such compounds. The formation of the nocobactins is completely repressed in bacteria grown on iron-sufficient media. Procedures for purifying the nocobactins are described. From their various properties (u.v. and visible spectra of the ferri-and desferri-materials, mobility upon thin-layer chromatography, and dissociation patterns in HCl), they can be distinguished from the mycobactins (related compounds from mycobacteria) and divided into three main classes. The classes correspond to the three well-described species of the genus and The correlation of the nocobactin data with previous results of conventional numerical taxonomy is high. Two strains of , however, did not produce nocobactins of the group type.


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