Summary: For the mapping of , the structural gene for phase-1 flagellin in , spontaneous non-flagellate mutants were isolated from a phase-1 stable derivative, SJ925 -gggt, of First, mapping was carried out with the deletion mutants among them by 22 phage-mediated transduction. Mutants of and , adjoining opposite sides of , were also included in the mapping. As the result, was divided into 16 segments by 15 deletions. Mapping by recombination frequencies was then carried out using representative mutants. Comparison of the two maps showed that 14 consecutive segments near covered about 70% of the non-flagellate mutational sites, although they were confined to a quarter of in the recombination map. The other two segments were found to occupy the remaining three quarters of . By use of the deletion map, the sites of three phase-1 curly and three mutations were determined. The curly mutational sites were mapped in the segment second from the side and the mutational sites in the segments near the side. To ascertain approximate positions of the areas determining the phase-1 antigen specificities, their arrangement relative to a curly mutational site, , and -linked genes was examined by three-point crosses. From the results, all the antigenic specificity-determining areas examined were located between and in the following order: --g-g-g-(g,g,f,m,t)-


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