SUMMARY: To test the hypothesis that chloramphenicol production in depends on the presence of a plasmid, mapping analysis was carried out by using eight markers in addition to chloramphenicol production and melanoid pigment formation. The sequence of the eight markers was determined on a circular linkage map as follows: -. This sequence resulted in the frequency of quadruple crossover (q.c.o.) recombinants having the lowest value, 3·2 to 4·9%. However, the character of chloramphenicol non-production, which was obtained by incubating mycelia with acriflavin, was not located on this linkage map; more than 15% q.c.o. recombinants would have been required to explain the results. From these results and other tests, it is concluded that chloramphenicol production is controlled by a plasmid. This plasmid appeared to be non-transferable in conjugation.


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