SUMMARY: Incorporation of [1-C]acetate and [2-C]malonate into aflatoxins by resting mycelia of resuspended in different buffers was studied. A decrease in pH from 5.8 to 2.8, as well as addition of EDTA, markedly stimulated the incorporation of malonate but the effect on acetate incorporation was less pronounced. Mycelia took up comparatively more acetate than malonate, but more malonate (4.3%) entering mycelia was incorporated into aflatoxins than was acetate (1.6%). Furthermore, the addition of unlabelled acetate reduced the incorporation of label from [1-C]acetate by 75% but from [2-C)malonate by only 25%. These results suggest that malonate is an intermediate in aflatoxin synthesis and that it can be incorporated without prior conversion to acetate.


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