Summary: The effects of -sorbose on the diameter, compartment length, wall thickness and fine structure of hyphae from colonies and batch cultures of (spco 1 and spco 9) were studied. The specific growth rates and yields of the strains in batch culture and their germ-tube specific growth rates were at most reduced by only 18% when 2% -sorbose was added to Vogel's medium containing 1% sucrose.

The addition of -sorbose to solid medium induced both strains to branch profusely and resulted in the formation of dense, slow growing colonies (about 90 % reduction in radial growth rate). This reduction in the radial growth rate of spco 9 colonies could be largely correlated with a reduction (from 4·0 mm to 0·5 mm) in the width of the peripheral growth zone of colonies grown on media containing -sorbose. Plugging of the septal pores and autolysis of hyphae of spco 9 occurred closer to the colony's periphery when -sorbose was present in the medium. -Sorbose reduced the number and size of the vesicles found at the tips of hyphae of spco 9.


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