SUMMARY: Density-gradient ultracentrifugation of potato-leaf extracts on a Ficoll gradient resolved a fraction containing membrane-bounded particles equilibrating at a density of 1-095 gcm. The fraction was heterogeneous by electron microscopy and contained several particle types, some of which had single and double membranes, with diameters between 0.05 μm and 1.0 μm, along with amorphous cytoplasmic material and ER-derived elements. A peak of acid phosphatase activity was associated with the fraction, from which varying amounts of enzyme were released by freezing and thawing, osmotic shock and treatments with Triton X-100, snake venom and phospholipase A. Infection of leaves by resulted in a massive transfer to the supernatant-fluid fraction of one molecular form of acid phosphatase which was particle-bound in the uninfected leaves.


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