SUMMARY: Teichoic acids were invariably present in the walls of var. and W23 grown in chemostats at = 0.25 h, 35 °C, pH 7.0 in media containing non-limiting concentrations of phosphate, but they possessed little ester-bound alanine. However, varying the culture pH between 8.0 and 5.0 effected changes not only in the amount but also in the ester-bound alanine content of wall teichoic acids of both organisms. The walls of phosphate-limited var. were devoid of teichoic acid when grown at pH 7.0, but not at lower pH, when this polymer again contained ester-bound alanine. The magnesium binding properties of these wall preparations were also determined. The results showed that walls containing ester-bound alanine in the teichoic acid bound the same amount of magnesium as walls in which the teichoic acid was unsubstituted by alanine.


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