SUMMARY: A mutant of required 3 to 4 μg salicylate, or certain other phenolic acids/ml to restore optimal growth. Iron-deficient growth did not increase the requirement for salicylate. Salicylate, but not a salicylate-substitute was incorporated solely into mycobactin S. Mycobactin S was absorbed by growing bacteria but it did not substitute or spare the requirement for salicylate. Another mutant has been produced which required about 0.2 μg desferrimycobactin S/ml to restore growth under iron-deficient conditions. Salicylate, citrate, cobactin S with mycobactic acid S or Tween 80 did not substitute for mycobactin, but iron at 2 or more μg/ml permitted growth without mycobactin. Under these growth conditions the mycobactin requirement would be minute and some synthesis or carry-over during inoculation cannot be eliminated as a source of mycobactin. Salicylate and mycobactin were thus both required for growth.


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