Summary: When crude membrane preparations from broth-grown (ATCC 9372) were incubated with 20 p.p.m. technical chlordane inhibition of NADH oxidase reached 45% in only 3 min. and 75% after 1 h. Maximum inhibition was obtained at this concentration of chlordane. NADH: acceptor oxidoreductase (EC 1.6.99.-) of membrane preparations was insensitive to 20 p.p.m. chlordane. Disruption of the remainder of the electron-transport chain appeared to be general though more severe in the region between NADH dehydrogenase and cytochrome A generalized assay for ATPases revealed no sensitivity to chlordane over a concentration range 20 to 100 p.p.m. and a pre-incubation period of 1 h. The inhibition of TCA cycle enzymes observed, subsequent to the incubation of high-speed supernatant fluid with 20 p.p.m. chlordane, extended the range of chlordane-sensitive phenomena to enzymes other than those that are membrane bound.


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