Summary: Lag, exponential and stationary phase cells of LT-2 trpC) grown in nutrient broth or tryptophan-supplemented minimal medium were irradiated with doses of u.v. up to 570 ergs/mm. Casein hydrolysate supplementation of the post-irradiation plating medium causes enhanced survival only for lag and exponential phase broth-grown and exponential phase minimal-grown cells. Caffeine invariably leads to decreased survival levels and abolition of any casein hydrolysate enhancement of survival. Cells of all six growth conditions give induced Trp reversions, often due to suppressor mutations, on plating media containing casein hydrolysate. Only for minimal-grown lag and exponential phase cells do induced Trp appear on media devoid of casein hydrolysate supplementation. In these cases too, caffeine has a definite antimutagenic action. Mutation frequency decline (MFD) experiments revealed that those cells exhibiting a casein hydrolysate enhancement of survival on plates also show a delayed onset of MFD and a fall of survival, after an initial delay, in liquid minimal medium. MFD experiments in liquid do not give a complete quantitative explanation for the Trp revertant yields found on plates. We suggest that intracellular free amino acid pool sizes may be a common factor in the correlations which we have observed.


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