SUMMARY: A stable, ultraviolet-induced, albino mutant of Cantino and Hyatt is described. It differs from wild type in: (), capacity to form brown resistant sporangia (RS), both as 2nd and 3rd generation RS in clones derived from 1st generation ordinary colourless (OC) plants, and as 1st generation RS produced directly in response to exogenous bicarbonate; () the inhibition of growth by low concentrations of bicarbonate; () the longer generation time, stemming from a combination of decreased growth rate and delay in spore release until terminal sporangia have become unusually large; () the increased incapacity to discharge on solid media with increasing temperatures above 23°; (), reduced motility of zoospores and increased tendency to become amoeboid and encyst prematurely; (), certain changes in the fine structure and organization of mitochondria and their associated lipid sacs, γ particles and the double membranes that surround nuclear caps and nuclei of spores chilled to low temperatures.


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