SUMMARY: In axenic medium with TEM-4T (a tartaric acid ester of beef tallow monoglyceride) as a source of fatty acids, regulation of the growth of , stock 299, was achieved by varying the relative amounts of TEM-4T and stigmasterol. Optimal populations were reached in 7 days at 27° when the relative proportion of these lipids was 10:1 (w/w) TEM-4T: stigmasterol. Division was inhibited at ratios of 2:1 (w/w) or less. The inhibition was annulled by restoration of the ‘optimal’ ratios of TEM-4T: stigmasterol to the growth medium even after the protozoa had been exposed to ‘inhibitory’ ratios for periods up to 6 days. Growth was also inhibited when the relative proportions of TEM-4T: stigmasterol were adjusted to 2:1 (w/w) by the addition of TEM-4T to the culture after a 3-day period during which the organisms had been incubated with stigmasterol alone. No inhibition was observed when the TEM-4T: stigmasterol ratio was adjusted to 2:1 (w/w) by adding stigmasterol to the culture after a period of incubation with TEM-4T alone. It is suggested that under conditions of lipid imbalance in the medium stigmasterol interferes with the utilization of TEM-4T for growth.


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