SUMMARY: The present report gives the results of studies on the % guanine + cytosine (GC) content of the DNA of 29 strains designated as by using the methods of Marmur&Doty (1962) and Frádáricq, Oth&Fontaine (1961). In 17 strains agreement was found between their taxonomic position and their % GC content. Five micrococci formed a very tight cluster around a mean of 50% GC. It is recommended to classify them in the genus Migula. From the DNA base compositions these cocci form a group hitherto not described, intermediate between the genera and McLean, Sulzbacher&Mudd, and Friedman&Kern differ in their % GC values from those of the genus and should be discarded from the genus. It is confirmed that % GC content in the DNA in the genus lies within the range of 65-75%.


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