SUMMARY: The inheritance of the O antigens of Salmonella was studied by crosses of strains of groups B (antigens 4,5,12) and D (antigens 9,12). The partial antigens 4 and 9 behaved as if determined by allelic loci, in the sense that all recombinants had either antigen 4 or antigen 9; never both or neither of them. The locus thus defined was rather closely linked to the locus for histidine biosynthesis. The gene determining the presence or absence of partial antigen 5 (an O-acetyl group on a galactose unit) in group B was very probably introduced into a number of 9,12 recombinants. No antigen 5 appeared. The locus was also found to be linked to and but the linkage was less close than that between and . It is suggested that the loci and possibly are part of a large -locus concerned with the synthesis of the specific side-chains of the somatic lipopolysaccharide, which perhaps includes the locus of Subbaiah & Stocker (1964).


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