Mitochondria isolated from protoplasts of conidia, young germinated conidia, and branched mycelia of , have an active oxidative phosphorylation system which showed no variation in the three stages of development studied; succinate dehydrogenase also did not alter. Cytochrome oxidase activity showed a marked increase at the time of conidial germination; this was not maintained during further growth. An electron microscope study of the conidia showed them to have complex mitochondria analogous to those seen in older mycelial hyphae. A large accumulation of lipid material and extensive vacuolization was observed in these conidia. A rudimentary reticular system with numerous ribosomes lying free in this membrane system were observed. Macroconidia were usually multinucleate; up to 10 nuclei were observed. The outer conidial wall was completely digested by snail extract ( digestive juice) and was structurally identical with that of the hyphae as seen with the fixation and embedding conditions used.


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